About Us

It is low-cost and convenient ICT-enabled agriculture extension, which uses data gathering by satellites and drones, weather information and soil sensors as well as other data driven farming practices to disseminate relevant production information to smallholder farmers at the right time in a cost-effective manner.

Our innovation is a user-friendly technology with local linguistics technology and creative direction with local procedures, which eliminates smallholder farmers barriers in using advanced technology, and keeps local procedures on the frontend through interactive local voice enabled user interface.We also have a digital marketplace for quality agricultural produce,consultants and advanced match making algorithms to pair farmers with export/food processing companies

Who are we?

DigiExt is a Ghanaian technology company. We are committed to a profound and sustainable development of African agriculture, and we aim to challenge the way technologies are provided to small-scale farmers. Through our capabilities, we believe we can assist COCOBOD and its mission to develop the Ghanaian cocoa industry over the next several years. Our company is founded by Ghanaians based in Ghana and the United States, including the Silicon Valley. US-based members travels to Ghana frequently.

DigiExt’s co-founders bring together different sets of expertise that are crucial to bringing modern and effective solutions that advances farmers’ livelihood.

Long-term goal

As a technology company, we seek to leverage our ability to bring IT into agriculture and serve farmers through a diverse range of services:

  • Aerial surveillance of farmlands for monitoring crop conditions
  • Data-driven farm management support service
  • A farm management app on mobile phones for farmers
  • Microfinance service, etc.
Farmer best practice

DigiExt envisions a mobile app service that can guide farmers on various aspects of a cocoa farm management. Our app can visualize data on water usage, provide alerts on when and where to apply a fertilizer, get the farmer in touch with a consultant on a potential pest issue, and much more. Prototype development for this mobile app is already underway.

Modern farming for local farmers

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